Improving supply chain

A functional supply chain is an essential prerequisite for any business to be successful. Meno Logistics makes its best to provide bespoke consultancy services to national and international customers on issues of logistics and supply management.

We deliver results by providing independent guidance on strategies, tactics, operations, optimisation and finally implementation of your supply chain. Our aim is to reduce your costs and improve KPIs of your business such as sales growth, profit margins, customer turnover, inventory velocity and not the least customer satisfaction.

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Access to new markets

In a complex and competitive world of logistics and foreign trade Meno Logistics is passionate to serve your logistics challenges.

In our pursuit to provide our customers with one-stop-shop concept, we always look for new ways of assisting your needs. Thus, in addition to our logistics and supply chain management consultancy services we have possibilities to explore your product’s potential by opening doors to new markets.

We have a strong footprint in Central Asia, CIS and Middle East; commitment to share access to these high-growth zones, understanding its “modus operandi”, finding potential partners and developing a tailored logistics plan.

Customer satisfaction

We serve customers from various industry sectors such as retail distribution, wholesale distribution, suppliers, manufactures, 3PL.

In the course of our service, the emphasis is always on understanding and satisfying your unique business requirements, goals and best interests. We give absolute importance to learning your business case to make sure we deliver exactly what you expect. Our dedicated team of professionals create trust and confidence by inviting customers to conversation, working together, diagnosing current affairs and identifying opportunities for even better experience.

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